Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Want Your Voice For Our RadioStation Jingle....

Big Plans for our Radio show!!

AnythingGoesRadio is looking for Male or Female voices to be aired on the radio for our jingles.

We are looking for you to pre record your voice 10 sec or less, saying anything Positive about AnythingGoesRadio

"I love listening to anything goes radio"
"anything goes radio plays my track on new release fridays"
"you have to listen to anything goes radio"
"you're listening to anything goes radio"
"I love housemusic from anything goes radio"
"my station is anything goes radio"

or your choice....  

For the 6 people that make it on jingle, each one will receive a Starbucks gift card and a BIGGG Shout Out on social media!

Cutoff time is November 30th

I know its not much, but every little bit helps in this industry and we all work as a team supporting each other.

Please send your voice recording to  and THANK YOU very much for the love and support.

..:: DJDave ::..

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