Thursday, November 12, 2015

I Want Your Voice For Our RadioStation Jingle....

Big Plans for our Radio show!!

AnythingGoesRadio is looking for Male or Female voices to be aired on the radio for our jingles.

We are looking for you to pre record your voice 10 sec or less, saying anything Positive about AnythingGoesRadio

"I love listening to anything goes radio"
"anything goes radio plays my track on new release fridays"
"you have to listen to anything goes radio"
"you're listening to anything goes radio"
"I love housemusic from anything goes radio"
"my station is anything goes radio"

or your choice....  

For the 6 people that make it on jingle, each one will receive a Starbucks gift card and a BIGGG Shout Out on social media!

Cutoff time is November 30th

I know its not much, but every little bit helps in this industry and we all work as a team supporting each other.

Please send your voice recording to  and THANK YOU very much for the love and support.

..:: DJDave ::..

Monday, November 2, 2015

Benefits Of Advertising on AnythingGoesRadio Show...

Our Highly Functional Website Banner Advertising Program
Use our digital advertising to target local companies/brands/product,
  • increase your brand
  • develop your professional image
  • increase traffic to your website, and your social media pages
You can stand out in this competitive industry with a high profile ad/banner, not just on one website.. but 2 major traffic websites and a voice ad on the radio!  
  1. Interactive Advert/Banner spot on our Radio Station Media Player AnythingGoesRadio
  2. Interactive Advert/Banner spot on our Blog Website "Blogger Of A DJ"
  3. 10 sec or 20 sec Voice Advertising on the RADIO!!  Depending on Package choice.
For a very small fee you can begin promoting your business today!

Thousands of unique visitors interact with our website/media player and spend an average of 30-60mins per visit, which presents a unique branding opportunity for advertisers.

Banners are created based on client materials - texts, images, logos etc..
For a banner to truly serve its purpose, it has to be visible and recognizable, visually pleasing or entertaining and attractive enough to work as a stimulus for its target group.
This will help achieve desired measurable engagements.

Banner advertising can be effective for any business that wants to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to their website and generate SALES!
Our visitor demographics are as you might expect enjoy music and anything related to music.  Most of our visitors/listeners are from the ages 25-50 with a vast knowledge on the latest and greatest music information highway.

Please see  below our Banner Advert Package Pricing,  and we can also cater to your needs and budget for other modified.  Email me at for more information.

Banner Advert Package 1 - $99.99 per year

SAMPLE ADVERT 234x60 pix 

Consists of 1- 234x60 pix Custom Advert:
1 Year of your company/ brand banner on AnythingGoesRadio Media Player Site.

1 Year of your company/ brand banner on our Blog Site with  direct "click" link from banner to your website/social media.

10 sec voice advert about your company/brand product played 2 times daily on AnythingGoesRadio.

Twitter feeds media broadcasting to thousands of online presence of your company/brand product.

Providing a Value for your support!

Banner Advert Package 2 - $129.99 per year

SAMPLE ADVERT 234x250 pix

Consists of 1- 234x60 pix Custom Advert:
1 Year of your company/ brand banner on AnythingGoesRadio Media Player Site.

1 Year of your company/ brand banner on our Blog Site with  direct "click" link from banner to your website/social media.

20 sec voice advert about your company/brand product played 4 times daily on AnythingGoesRadio.

Twitter feeds media broadcasting to thousands of online presence of your company/brand product

Please click on FORM to fill out so we can get this party started!!!

We will custom design the banner for you (free) and send it back to you for proof before launching.

If there are any more questions or concerns, please feel free to email me anytime.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Taking Music Requests At Parties..What To Do....

I have been known to give the odd look or not giving the warm and fuzzies when someone comes up and requests a favorite song to be played... We have all been there!

Honestly do not mind that. Face it, requests can help you if you're having an off night, giving you ideas of what next song to play, etc.. so getting these requests can be good for that.

Music Requests Without Being Interrupted- Solution

So coming up with a few solutions may or may not help you, but it sure creates a less stressful moment on the already busy time playing for the crowd..And that helps me!

1. Monitor/Screen Displaying Music Requests At A Party
It depends on the event, but for an example, I will be DJ'ng a special Valentines Bash for Mississauga and for anyone who wants to request a song, they will have to "tweet" it to me using a hastag of my choice.  Here is the fun part, you leave a monitor connected to a laptop with WIFI, on a table separate from your playing table.  And the guests can view their requests online!
I will receive the requests via alerts from twitter for easy review.  The program I use is TwitterFall.  You type the hastag and the program will only display what "feeds" have these hastags in a LIVE "falling effect".  It will constantly flow as guests tweet you.  They can actually see who tweeted their requested song. Provides great entertainment as well.
Have a look below at the picture of my twitter feed on a monitor that just displays (hastag) #AnythingGoesRadio . The program is FREE to boot.. I Love free things!

2. NotePad/Jar Requests
Simple, and effective, for sure.  Guest come to the jar, or bucket, whatever it may be, writes the song request and drops it in!  You can retrieve it at anytime.
If you are lucky, it might even be a phone number from a secret guest... FOCUS.. lol
You can also have these pre made cards instead of a notepad.  Depends on how creative you want to be. This is a fun, and simple method of reaching out to your guests.

3. Email Song Requests
You can have a nice little pre made sign on your DJ booth/table stating all music request please email the DJ at ...  ....  Have your alerts popup on your smart phone/tablet while eliminating any distractions.

4. Don't Take Requests
Hey if you are the type of DJ that doesn't take any requests, then get yourself a shirt/hoodie that says you do not take requests...  in a polite way..  and I know there are a lot of clothing that have different ways of saying just that!  What if you are DJ'ng or MC'ng an event that requires you to dress up, then its not a good idea to be displaying that on any part of your body.  Let your guests know ahead of time, or relay to the organizer of the event.  Either way, its a touchy subject, so handle it professionally.

I will end it here, as these are just ideas of my own, and would love for anyone to chime in and suggest other solutions for taking music requests from guests.

..:: DJDave ::..

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Canadian Artist Supports North York General Hospital Foundation With Music!

I have always been a huge advocate of giving back, whether its to the community you live in or foundations.  What ever it may be, its a great feeling and I would like to share a Canadian artist and his journey!

Meet Ryan, mastermind behind Inscape Music. Toronto born (respect!) If you have time, read about Ryan and his success in creating an Indie band that in my opinion, should be played, purchased and cranked on a ton of radio stations. Check out InscapeMusic 
His new album, Finally Some Good available on Itunes is comprised of 3 new tracks all of which, play proudly on AnythingGoesRadio NewMusicFridays Show. 

What I see good in this, is the fact Ryan/InscapeMusic is donating $0.50 from every purchase of his album or from the single, "Clouded Glasses" to NorthYork General Hospital Foundation!!!! 
This has started for the month of October and ends in November. 

I encourage you ALL to support Ryan and his music by purchasing your copy now!  You do not have to do anything more. But enjoy great music.

The entire album is $2.97 and each song is $0.99, not all lot of cash to spend on great music to keep in your collection. 

You can connect with Ryan every Friday on my radioshow or on these links:

..:: DJDave ::..

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jump On It or Dump On It. Discounts Can Be A Bitch.

I wrote this blog, seeing many different faces in business, and I wanted to share my experience as well as provide some guidance. Take it however you want, my blogs are expressed from my own opinions only, and does not reflect how you should run your business.
If you are passionate about your job, and trust me, I am super-passionate, and know the feeling when you get that phone call or email from a potential client, it sends my heart racing, because I want to do and say the right things to secure the deal.
But at what means?  Do you undercut the competitor to get this deal? Ya sure you might, if you are starting up a new business or have discounted services as part of your sales tactics. Should you keep this up and you will end up taking your business to chapter 11...

Jump On It or Dump On It

Value your product or services.  Explain to the client what it means to have you and your services. As a DJ, my amazing clients know the value they are getting when they hire me.  I provide interaction with the crowd, add some zing to my lighting, whatever!  but most of all, I play for the crowd which keeps the guests dancing!! And that's the best VALUE my clients will pay for.
So, try not to constantly provide a discount, selling yourself short is totally not cool and the client will read this.. and jump all over you trying to get the discounted price.  Like I mentioned above, explain the value they will will receive at your price.

Keep your pricing consistent. There is nothing more uncomfortable than pricing one prospect and they come back and say to you...
"My friend hired you last week, and you charged them x-amount of dollars, why is your price different for the same type of venue?"
So what do you do about it?  Well lets back up here for a sec..  In your business plan, you build a target, and that will include pricing, etc..  Listen, I know pricing can depend on other things, I get it..
But, if you are creating a position to reach out for more $$, and then offering a discount? Well then the prospect will pick up on that and poof they are gone. Don't worry about making the $$ right away, long term success will be much more rewarding, both morally and financially and it will come to you.

Let your work and your reputation shed the light for your prospects and future business ahead, it doesn't matter what type of business it may be.
..:: DJ Dave ::..

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ways of Snatching Up Gigs With A Busy Life!

Most of the DJ's out there are like me, many have day jobs, extremely busy lives, but want to get themselves out there in the night scene and show our stuff to the crowds, right?
So here is my dilemma , I researched and reached out to allot of clubs/bars/lounges and to be honest, its really not for me... why? Well...
Yes, its great for street exposure, but for me, its something different, beyond the money or certain exposure/crowds.

So how do I get Gig's?  I don't have a promoter that does all the leg work to build my reputation.  I hear way too many horror stories when using promoters...  eek!

Self promotion is a ton of work, but this is the path I chose and I would like to share it with you.

Social Media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram..more) ITS FREE advertising!! I love using these means of networking, building relationships, interaction with your friends, and more.

Reverbnation Music Website for Artists.  This is, in my opinion the all round site for anything music related!  Have a look at mine. 
I actually use this as my official website, it gives the client/fans the ability to read my blogs, listen/download/purchase/share my music/mixes, view photos/video, events calendar, create a fan base and a ton more.  It even has a GIG finder! based on your postal code, any venue that registers with Reverbnation site will display the events that require a DJ. So cool!

Linkedin. Create a DJ profile, with all your current experience, past events, connect with other DJ's. What I do differently, is I will connect with event planners, whether its wedding, corporate or personal.  They are are always looking for DJ's or to connect with, for references. 
Join other DJ groups, preferably the ones that require permission to join.  Those groups seem to be more mature when posting content.
Reach out, and post updates about yourself, upcoming events you may have, even new music you created.  Send them links to your website, soundcloud, where ever.  
Link your updates to Twitter, over communicate but not overwhelm your followers.

Throw A Party! Sure!!! find your favorite bar, and ask the bar owner/manager if you can DJ a Saturday night or whatever night you choose. Preferably a bar that never had live entertainment.  It peaks their interest.
Keep it small, you don't want the manager to think your going to make a night club out of his bar.
Trust me, if the guests find out there is a DJ that night..  It will increase the capacity pretty quick.
In my case, the crowd that follows me and who enjoys my style of spinning/mixing music are the mature 30+ yrs old.  Now, I am not saying if your in the 20's you are not mature... hehehe I will stop there. :)
How to charge the bar your fee to throw a party in their establishment.  Here are a couple of ideas:
    • Set a price for your services that you normally charge for small gigs. See what they say.  Worse case, if you are renting a sound system, ask them to cover the costs of the rental.  If the party is a hit, then you can re-negotiate...
    • Make a certain percentage off the alcohol sold.  Trust me, if you bring in the people they will drink... you can make this work.  The bar can create this type commission from their computer system.  
This type aggressive planning can work for getting NEW potential gigs from your guests/other patrons in the bar.  You really need to work it..   Walk around the bar, meet and greet your friends, and introduce yourself as the DJ and "thanking them for coming, and hope you will have a great time!"
If this type of "gig gettin" at the bar works for you, then you should really consider throwing more but...  not every weekend, not every month, try every 3 months...  This gets the crowd wanting more... hungry for a good party.  It works for me.... 
What happens if its every weekend?  It will fizzle away really quick and the bar owner/manager will end your fun.

Business Cards.  It is super crucial to have.  If you're asked for a card and you're forced to admit you haven't got one on you, it looks kinda lame!  I know everyone just uses their phones these days, but nothing beats physically putting a card in someones hand, particularly if it stands out, creates and sparks a conversation.  It also makes you look professional and organized.

Emails.  Keep a clean emailer list of contacts.  Create a monthly emailer to send to your fans. Upload great photos of events, calendar, social media links, basically nothing too big, just quick and easy. Ask them if you are looking for a DJ for their next party, corporate Christmas party, whatever it may be.  Most people love hearing what's going on in a DJ life.
You can use mailchimp for mass emailers, its a free web based program.  I use it for my mailers.

OK, i'm sure there are allot of other ways, but these simple means are pretty effective and has helped me gain new business, but most of all, client retention.  When they call you back, you must be doing something right!

..::  DJDave ::..

Monday, September 28, 2015

How Am I Branding My Radio Station. Is This The Right Way?

Building an online radio station is one thing, but we (I) need a plan and finding ways of branding an online radio station. Thats the difficult part in all this.

I find ways to promote and brand my radio station but it should be all about the WE to be honest.

Without any money how do we get this radio station branded in lets the community or even globally?
Some ways for us to accomplish this would be:
  1. Interviews on the show
  2. Contests and Giveaways
  3. Paid Advertisements
For our station, since we are commercial free (for the moment) concentrating on #3 would be the best help to keep this station going.  We constantly say to ourselves in  meetings, "how can we attract quality advertisers and sponsors if we don't have our brand sorted?"

Its all about the branding!  We talk about, what are our core brand values? What do we want to achieve? Our brand technique is what needs to sell to potential fans, other DJ's and artists.

So our basic approach in succeeding in having a growing, popular online radio station is to make sure the music is top notch and flows with our structure/theme.
Also to be interactive with our fans and sponsors.  Use social media to broadcast to our fans, introduce our sponsors, make everyone feel like they are all part of OUR station.

One thing I will say, is that there are a lot of useful information and resources to help us move forward, but we will always be forever learning!

Welcome AnythingGoesRadio!

Blogger Of A DJ

Thursday, September 24, 2015

An Online Radio Station That Makes A Difference For Artists!

Growing up, and all I can think about is Music.  Still am to this day!

Being a DJ, I get to listen and play tracks from other artists and producers and they are really a lot of great artists out there.

I am not Sony(tm) records or top labels, never wanted to be, but I was interested in finding a way to bring their talent to the airways.

And now I have......

Welcome... #NewMusicFriday on AnythingGoesRadio.  Every Friday from 9am to 5pm, the station plays new releases of tracks, sets from artists all around the world!

Every day, new music is filling my inbox, and busy reviewing them.  Its exciting to say the least because I get to work with many of them for remixes, etc...

Don't Miss Out!  Tune in every Friday's from 9am to 5pm EST and let everyone know!!

Till next time!

Canada's House Music Station NOW ONLINE!

"Anything Goes Radio" is our NEW online radio station that streams and screams House Music 24/7.

Created by DJDave (founder of Anything Goes Radio) who's passion for music has escalated over the years and wanted to bring the passion to you all.

 Anytime, Anywhere. 

Our team brings to you the latest in Soulful and Deep House, ChillOut, Nudisco house music. We feature DJ's and Artists around the world spreading the love of music. Spinning Live to Air Sets from yours truly or our resident DJ's, you can stream anywhere and listen to amazing music. 

Whether your entertaining family/friends, night on the town, or just lounging around, nothing beats the music from Anything Goes Radio.