Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jump On It or Dump On It. Discounts Can Be A Bitch.

I wrote this blog, seeing many different faces in business, and I wanted to share my experience as well as provide some guidance. Take it however you want, my blogs are expressed from my own opinions only, and does not reflect how you should run your business.
If you are passionate about your job, and trust me, I am super-passionate, and know the feeling when you get that phone call or email from a potential client, it sends my heart racing, because I want to do and say the right things to secure the deal.
But at what means?  Do you undercut the competitor to get this deal? Ya sure you might, if you are starting up a new business or have discounted services as part of your sales tactics. Should you keep this up and you will end up taking your business to chapter 11...

Jump On It or Dump On It

Value your product or services.  Explain to the client what it means to have you and your services. As a DJ, my amazing clients know the value they are getting when they hire me.  I provide interaction with the crowd, add some zing to my lighting, whatever!  but most of all, I play for the crowd which keeps the guests dancing!! And that's the best VALUE my clients will pay for.
So, try not to constantly provide a discount, selling yourself short is totally not cool and the client will read this.. and jump all over you trying to get the discounted price.  Like I mentioned above, explain the value they will will receive at your price.

Keep your pricing consistent. There is nothing more uncomfortable than pricing one prospect and they come back and say to you...
"My friend hired you last week, and you charged them x-amount of dollars, why is your price different for the same type of venue?"
So what do you do about it?  Well lets back up here for a sec..  In your business plan, you build a target, and that will include pricing, etc..  Listen, I know pricing can depend on other things, I get it..
But, if you are creating a position to reach out for more $$, and then offering a discount? Well then the prospect will pick up on that and poof they are gone. Don't worry about making the $$ right away, long term success will be much more rewarding, both morally and financially and it will come to you.

Let your work and your reputation shed the light for your prospects and future business ahead, it doesn't matter what type of business it may be.
..:: DJ Dave ::..

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