Saturday, October 10, 2015

Canadian Artist Supports North York General Hospital Foundation With Music!

I have always been a huge advocate of giving back, whether its to the community you live in or foundations.  What ever it may be, its a great feeling and I would like to share a Canadian artist and his journey!

Meet Ryan, mastermind behind Inscape Music. Toronto born (respect!) If you have time, read about Ryan and his success in creating an Indie band that in my opinion, should be played, purchased and cranked on a ton of radio stations. Check out InscapeMusic 
His new album, Finally Some Good available on Itunes is comprised of 3 new tracks all of which, play proudly on AnythingGoesRadio NewMusicFridays Show. 

What I see good in this, is the fact Ryan/InscapeMusic is donating $0.50 from every purchase of his album or from the single, "Clouded Glasses" to NorthYork General Hospital Foundation!!!! 
This has started for the month of October and ends in November. 

I encourage you ALL to support Ryan and his music by purchasing your copy now!  You do not have to do anything more. But enjoy great music.

The entire album is $2.97 and each song is $0.99, not all lot of cash to spend on great music to keep in your collection. 

You can connect with Ryan every Friday on my radioshow or on these links:

..:: DJDave ::..

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  1. Hey Everyone, A friend of mine, Ryan from Inscape Music has wrote, produced a great set of songs that are aired on #AnythingGoesRadio

    Come and join his support for a great charity that he is donating proceeds of his song purchases to North York General Hospital.

    As we're sure many of you may not read full emails, trash them right away when you see who it's from, end up in junk folders, or busy watching the Jay's (which is why today is a good day to send this and help out ), we hope this shortened message will be read and that you will all take a literal 10 to 15 minutes, as part of this is for charity as well.

    We at Inscape Music need your help (and no, you do NOT need an iTunes account, as far as we know). If you can all go to this link … and at the top of the page you'll see "Ratings and Reviews." All you need to do is click on that, you'll see five stars, click on the 5th star and then underneath that is "Write a Review." It only has to be a sentence or two about how much you like the EP and why. Simple as that!

    With each purchase of Inscape - Finally Some Good for $2.97, $.50 cents a purchase will be going to the North York General Hospital Foundation......and thank you so, so much in advance for those who do actually contribute to a worthy cause!!!! This cause will continue for as long as we need to.

    For the older generation who do not have iTunes, nor care to download it, we totally get that and understand, which is why we've made it easier with visiting , click "buy now," you can pay with credit card or Pay Pal and within five minutes your order is placed and is completely safe and reliable, as in you don't have to worry about your information being stolen, which I know concerns many of the older generation when making purchases online, even though it's done literally millions of times a day for multiple companies and is COMPLETELY safe! Hell, we at Team Inscape think we're the ones keeping Amazon in business.

    Lastly, for those of you who have the FREE app Shazam (and if not, can be downloaded for free off ANY smart-phone App Store), just press play on the clips from each song, Shazam each clip once until it registers on your phone and that's it! It registers with Soundscan which is VERY good for support!

    Remember, this is about charity and recognition of Finally Some Good so your 10 to 15 minutes are both going to GREAT causes!

    Thank you all very, very much for your hopeful support and small amount of time!

    All the best!

    Team Inscape

    P.S. Please remember to forward this email along (or just cut and paste it) to your social media networks and email networks, asking them to pass it along to their networks and so on, as we want to raise a lot of money if we can and cannot accomplish that if you don't share this with your networks.

    Thanks again!

    Twitter: @inscapemusic
    CHARITY: MUST READ: … … … …